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This was an awesome read. It's both brave and motivating. I had my first and only child at 42. Too old hits home when you're older than most of the other parents. More than one person has asked if we were her grandparents. After I karate kicked them, they saw the error of their ways.

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Brava Robin!

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You must have been there. I did finish it with "Could a Grandma kick you @ss like this?!"

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Robin, your condor and honesty are so refreshing! Love your posts!

I'm to speak at my youngest son's wedding next week and I'm in a pickle about what to say.

The mother of the bride wants to do the serious stuff about how wonderful the two young adults are, all of which is true. I'd like to add levity, wit, and fun in my bit. I'll bet you have some wonderful material about weddings/marriage... Can you help?

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Love it!

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